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Fireside Lodge - Dryden Ontario Canada

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A Canadian Wilderness Experience

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Ontario Fishing Adventure

Get away from it all and enjoy a Canadian Wilderness Experience at Fireside Lodge. Three and a half hours from the Minnesota border, Fireside Lodge is road accessible, and is the only resort located on Little Vermilion Lake.

Little Vermilion is the largest in an eleven-lake system. Approximately sixteen miles long, Little Vermillion is a long narrow body of water with a lower and upper section. These spring-fed waters are deep and cold with numerous bays, reefs, and deep weed beds that have created excellent fish-holding structures. The lake forage consists of whitefish, cisco, suckers, perch, various minnow life, and crayfish. With the combination of all these factors, the unpressured-waters of Little Vermilion offers our guests some of the best sportfishing Canada has to

We at Fireside Lodge follow a catch-and-release program to protect the resource and the sport. Therefore, along with ten additional lakes accessed by creeks or portages, this multi-lake system offers exceptional sportfishing. Just imagine having eight lakes to pursue Northern Pike, six for Smallmouth Bass, six for Muskie. Three of these lakes had been closed for fishing since the 1930's but are now opened for anglers.

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