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Listing Service
We are an Ontario Canada based service that promotes Costa Rica as a winter destination. Our sites get a large amount of hits so we hope to divert people to Costa Rica. There will be a limited amount of hits that we will be able to divert so we will not list very many site per town. We are not a listing service, our job is to get sites Canadian Customers.

Each Area around a town Will Be Allowed
  • Four Motel/Resorts/Lodges
  • Four Private Condos
  • Four Private Vacation Homes
  • Four Cottage Resorts
  • Four unique accommodations
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    Below is a list of listings that are full
  • Dominical Vacation House

    Note: Some listed sites were a little vague when listed. Let us know if you think there is a listing in a location that you should be in.
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    This is the only way to promote your business if our listing service is full.
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    Locator Promo Packs
    Ontario Guide
    Many people from southern climates live in Ontario Canada in the Summer.
    Come and see why!
    Wiarton Ontario
    Spend 6 winter months in Costa Rica and 6 months in a resort trailer park or cottage close Wiarton Ontario. Many beaches, trails, scuba diving, fishing and sailing in the area.
    Owen Sound Ontario
    Owen Sound Ontario is known as the Scenic City. There is a small over 55 trailer park where people from the south have lived. 2.5 hours to Toronto and only 30 minutes to Sauble Beach.
    Parry Sound Ontario
    Parry Sound is in the heart of Ontario Canada cottage country. Many Canadians go to this area from May to October.