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Big Creek Lodge Ranch Vacations
Cariboo Chilcotin BC Canada

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The Lodge has been classified as a Canada select Four Star “Country Inn” and it is the only four star Country Inn in this region. We are thankful and strive to not only give this quality but to expand it. Staying in a four star Country Inn is not only outstanding and better than staying in a regular Canadian accommodation but that’s not all of it. A vacation is entirely what you do during this time, from a daily impression, from little to great adventures, from having conversations with people on your level, and now and then the immeasurable pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. The delight of being on vacation is that you can read a book, bath in the sun and not have to worry about anything.

We learned with our guests and put ourselves in their shoes. We then learned that the Big Creek Lodge can for fill two types of vacations:
A relaxing program for people with stress - a vacation that can also have some activities.
An adventurous vacation - where a person can get to know himself in the wild adventure filled trails with welltrained horses.


The lodge accommodates ten guests in five very comfortable rooms. All rooms have a cozy interior, floor heating, and a private bathroom with a hot shower.

There is a roomy lounge and a dining area warmed by a massive stone fire place.

The cabins are nestled among the trees lining the Big Creek, giving you a feeling of remoteness and comfort at the same time. There are two bedrooms for 4 guests or a family with kids, as well as a private bathroom and a well equipped livingroom in every cabin.

From the porches of the cabins, where comfortable seats surround a massive table, you overlook the creek and the breathtaking wilderness.

Our homestyle country kitchen serves you breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Hearty lunches are packed for fishing expeditions, trail rides, ATV or snowmobile tours, and other activities of your choice.


Vacation at the Big Creek Lodge ... this is somthing special, and not only for people, which are interested in horseback riding. You have the choice, you can decide if you want to relax or if you want to have a vacation with many exciting activities.

Certainly both types of escape can be mixed as we learned from the experience of many years. Guests start their holiday by laying on the comfortable lawn chair doing nothing. After a week they step into a different area of venture. Short or long horse back rides with "your horse", or an exhilarating ride on a ATV.

Either Adventure or Relaxation the choice is yours. Maybe you should ask yourself which type of trip you want, we’ll happily help you decide. You won’t forget or regret your time here at the Big Creek Lodge.

Winter Vacation: Also in the winter time there is the wonderful experience of cross country skiing, hockey, curling, and a stimulating ride on a reliable snowmobile through an endless white landscape. Nowhere can one person enjoy this better than here in the untouched Chilcotin.

On rainy days, or when ever you like, you are free to visit our Game Room. There is a pool table, several other game tables, a Play Station with a lots of disks and some body trainers. In one corner you find a table for playing cards with your friends.

Box 20, Big Creek, B.C.
VOL IKO, Canada
Phone: 001 (250) 394-4831
Fax: 001 (250) 394-4831
Map: Where is Big Creek, BC ?